Silver Lilith​

Hello my children, and welcome to Silver Lilith
We are a small Wiccan coven that hope to expalin, connect, and inform others of what being wiccan is all about
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Silver Lilth is an open coven that is always accepting new members, if you want to join and work your way up our ranks than click the button below to find a mentor that's right for you! Or if you already know your stuff and want to join than send us a short message so we can get you involved!
To the Mentors!

Upcoming Holidays to look forward to

Mabon​ (September 20-23)

Samhain (October 31)

Yule (December 20-23)

 The festival of the fall equinox celebrates the coming of fall and lasts the three days while the days and nights are equal and create a balance  
A somber holiday in which we honor the dead and focus on a brighter future during the start of our new year!
The winter solstice brings with it the longest night of the year and a feast is held along with gift exchange  

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