Silver Lilith​

Hello my children, and welcome to Silver Lilith
We are a small Wiccan coven that hope to expalin, connect, and inform others of what being wiccan is all about
Book of Shadows
Now let me guess, if you know anything about Wiccans you already know about The Book of Shadows and were hoping to just find a bunch of spells or curses out on the internet. Being Wiccan is so much more than that, and the Book of Shadows is a staple part of wiccan tradition. The first one was created in the late 1940's and was passed from coven to coven. Nowdays most wiccans have their very own personal one. 

If you are truly intrested, than let your mentor help teach you at a steady pace were you can learn what you are saying and the actual effects they may cause...
There are multiple different types of Magick, and your mentor will talk and help you choose which one works best with you, it might not be the first one you try but have patience! 

Find your mentor now!