Silver Lilith​

Hello my children, and welcome to Silver Lilith
We are a small Wiccan coven that hope to expalin, connect, and inform others of what being wiccan is all about
Lesson of the Day
Today is August 24 and our theme for today is Harvest ​ 

Virgo is a representation of many goddesses and signifies the cycle of fertility and harvest. Virgo is the only female figure among the zodiac constellations and is normally depicted holding a sheaf of grain which is represented by Spica, the brightest star.

In the ancient times, both the goddess and the constellation of Virgo were known as Astraea, aka the Starry One. Astrea was a goddess of justice and the story goes that when she ruled the world with wisdom until humans became so callous that she was disgusted and returned to the skies

Virgo is the announcer of the harvest and we will all honor and remember her as we get ready for Mabon

Continuing the theme of harvest todays gem is yellow topaz

Topaz normally symbolizes nature and returning to your roots, but yellow topaz is normally the gem most associated with the earth and harvest

Topaz is believed to protect physically and mentally, it was most commonly used for amulets among the Greeks

Gem of the Day