Silver Lilith​

Hello my children, and welcome to Silver Lilith
We are a small Wiccan coven that hope to expalin, connect, and inform others of what being wiccan is all about
Down below are some of our mentors and original coven members, if you already know what you want to learn than choose the mentor that is best suited for you! 

If you would like a basic Wiccan crash course or do not know who to choose than we will speak with you and line you up personality wise with an open mentor that shares some of your intrest. 

After meeting your mentor you will have a week to study and pass the first initation test before meeting the rest of the coven. We truly hope you join and have a wonderful experience!
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Original Members
  1. High Priestess
    Catherine, our current high priestess founded the coven back in 2016. Taking after her mother, she works closely with both crystals and plants and loves to be involved and right in the middle of every festival, doing her best to make others feel welcome
  2. Shamen
    Jacob, the only male and Catherine's mentor in her younger years. He is not often around but is highly respected for his knowledge of herbs, animals, totems, and his skill of communicating with spirits
  3. Priestess
    Emily, second in charge after the high priestess, she works the most with neophytes and is a jack of all trades, her talent is creating ruins of all kinds and helping with comfort and mental healing
  4. Fortune Teller
    Marti, the eldest of the group strongly believes in karma and analyzes dreams, tea readings and omens, she is also very talented with angel cards and is one of the only in the coven with a familiar
  5. Second Degree Initiate
    Maile, the High Priestess's personal assistant that works closely with dark magick, manipulation, revenge, and curses
  6. First Degree Initiate
    Mary, the youngest of the group, she works best with baking, potions and collecting alter supplies
  7. Neophytes
    Jasmine, Meghan, and Mia are still being initiated and learning the ways of our coven, all three help charge and cleanse crystals and water while keeping the alters clean and pure