Silver Lilith​

Hello my children, and welcome to Silver Lilith
We are a small Wiccan coven that hope to expalin, connect, and inform others of what being wiccan is all about


Sabbats are the main holidays of wiccan culture. There are eight in total and each one can last from sundown to sundown the next day or even multiple days in a row.

As of today, August 1st has already passed and with it Lummas/ Lughnasadh
Now we are getting ready for the Feast of Mabon which will occur on September 21st which is a Thursday this year

There are multiple activites, charms, spells, sacrifices, and recipes that can be used to celebrate Mabon.  Down below will be a list of easy at home alter and celebration tips If you have any questions feel free to submit them or ask your mentor! (Event plans and activites that have already passed or that are further down the road will be posted elsewhere​)

 Some simple ways to celebrate Mabon include:

Collecting seeds and letting them dry in the sun to ready them for next years planting

Getting close to the sun is a very traditonal and easy way to celebrate! Find a small hill to hike up where you can leave an offering or say a simple wish

Make a grain mother for your alter by picking reeds, tall grass, barly grain, etc, and either weaving it togeth or gently tie it with an autum colored ribbon and place her on your alter and give thanks! Remember to return the grain stalks back to the earth during Samhain for furtre harvest

Baking bread is probably the most popular way to celebrate the Autum harvest and there are multiple recipes you can follow! Sprouted seeds can give it an extra kick and can be easily found at the grocery store